What Exactly Is “Free Stuff”?

Yes Free As In Free Written On a Box

A lot of people ask me, “what exactly is ‘free stuff’?”. “Free stuff” is simply a term used to describe anything that you can get for, well…, free. You’ll also hear people refer to free stuff offers as the term “freebie”. There are lots of different types of freebies ranging from free product samples, coupons, and sweepstakes, to software, games, music and magazines. Here at Free Stuff 101.com we sort all the free stuff offers on out site into a variety of free stuff categories so you can focus your hunt on only the type of freebies you’re interested in.

In addition to categories of free stuff, the free offers you’ll come across can also be looked at from what you need to do to get them. Some large brands simply give away free samples of their products or software with the hope that you’ll like what you see and decide to buy something from them later. Depending on what they’re giving away you may need to enter no personal information, or you may need to provide a small amount such as your email address or mailing address.

Other companies give away free stuff because they want something in return from you, such as feedback on their product. For these type of offers you may be required to fill out a short questionnaire or survey in order to receive the freebie. While this does take a little bit of extra time, you’ll often be rewarded with some great free stuff. Only you can decide if a particular offer is worth your time, and we’ll do everything we can to help you along the way by clearly labeling offers on our site as “survey required” if that’s the case.

In summary, “free stuff” and “freebie” are both just words used to describe a wide assortment of free offers. Free stuff is generally offered by companies, and the reason behind them giving stuff away is almost as varied as the types of freebies they give away. Our goal at Free Stuff 101.com is to help you find the freebies that interest you. We do this by reviewing all offers before linking to them, and by including as many details about the offer on our site so you can decide for yourself if its right for you. As part of the Free Stuff 101.com community, you can also help by rating the freebies on our site, reporting any expired freebies or freebies that have changed, and by leaving comments with additional details you find.

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