The Skinny On Rebates

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Have you ever wondered why rebates are offered on items rather than just lowering their actual price? Well, there are several reasons. And do you ever wonder whether or not it’s worth the hassle dealing with a rebate? Just as coupon clipping and printing coupons can save you a lot of money, so can rebates. In this article I’ll explain to you why rebates are so popular with retailers, and I’ll show you how you how you can save money by making it easy to redeem rebates.

Types of Rebates

To begin, let’s discuss the different types of rebates available. Rebates come in many forms, and before we begin talking about how to best use them, you’ll want to know about the different kinds of rebates offered by stores.

Store Rebates

These rebates are offered by the store itself, frequently during sales. Stores offer rebates not only get you in the store to by that product at a reduced price, but to hopefully have you buy other items at full price. While these rebates are not manufacturer’s rebates, they can sometimes be used in conjunction with a manufacturer’s rebate. These rebates typically expire soon after the sale.

Manufacturer Rebates

The other kind of rebates offered are rebates from the manufacturer. Manufacturers put these rebates out to entice you to try their product with the hope that you like it and continue to buy it. Typically these rebates have a longer expiration date than store rebates. You can frequently find rebate forms on line if you need an extra form. Occasionally you can find rebates for an item on line, even if an item was advertised not showing any rebate. It’s worth a look.

Don’t Lose Your Savings

Both in-store and manufacturer rebates have several things in common. First, they can both save you money. Second, they also make money for the store and the manufacturer. And one of the reasons rebates make money for both the store and manufacturer? It’s because all of the potential rebates for the items bought don’t get sent in! Stores and manufacturers count on this. A certain percentage of people just don’t want to bother with it. Other people lose the needed paperwork or receipt. Some assume their spouse will send the rebate in and never follow up on it. Due to the frequently hectic nature of our lives, we sometimes just forget to send it in. Some people get discouraged with all the hoops they have to go through and just give up half way through the process.

Get The Money That’s Yours!

OK, I’ve put together a few suggestions to help you get that promised rebate.

6 Tips to Help You Redeem Your Rebates

  1. If more than one rebate is offered on an item, or you are buying several items that have rebates, make sure you get the extra receipts you’ll need while you’re right there at the register.
  2. Complete the rebate form as soon as you get home and send it out right away! You don’t want your rebate paperwork to get thrown away or lost in the shuffle of other household paperwork. If this happens, you could miss the filing date.
  3. Read and re-read all of the rebate directions and follow them to the letter. Rebates are occasionally rejected if even something minor is forgotten or filled out wrong. And you don’t always hear back that they’ve been rejected.
  4. If the option is available, submit the rebate on line. This is usually the easiest way of doing it and tracking it’s progress.
  5. Keep track of the rebates you send in. Make a list of the rebates including the date you sent it in, the amount of the rebate, and the approximate date that you should receive it. Follow the progress of your rebate on line if possible. Book mark that page so that you can return to it easily. If you haven’t received your rebate within a few weeks of the expected date, you can usually check with customer service of the place that is processing the rebate. But first check with your spouse in case they got the mail and already spent the rebate.
  6. Once you get your rebate back, cross it off your list. It’s easy to forget whether or not you’ve already received the rebate and you don’t want to waste your time chasing down a rebate you’ve already received.

Some Final Thoughts on Rebates

Rebates can be a good thing. Some are easy to submit, some require lots of hoops to jump through in order to get them. Either way, it’s your money, so make sure you get it back.

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