How to Get Free Stuff and the Best Freebies Online


Now that we’ve looked at what free stuff really is and why companies give away free stuff, its time to get to the fun part: learning how to get free stuff and the best freebies online!

There are lots of different ways to get great free stuff and the best freebies online. You just need to know where to look. My (slightly biased) opinion is that Free Stuff is the best place to start your search for great free stuff, the best freebies, the best free samples and awesome coupons. The main reason is we do a lot of the hard work for you. There are literally hundreds of freebies we review each week, and through our review process we filter out any offers that don’t meet our high quality standard. In the end, we only publish the very best freebies, free samples and coupons on our site.

I wish I could tell you it’s that easy to get free stuff online, but in reality that’s just the start. In the world of freebies, individual offers are constantly changing and expiring. That’s where you come in. We’ve built lots of features into our site to make it easy for you and our other visitors to work with us and let us know if you find anything wrong with a freebie on our site. The free stuff offer may have expired, or maybe the company giving away the freebie has changed the terms of their offer. Whatever you find, we want to know. We want you to comment on our freebies, rate them, and flag them if anything doesn’t look right. By listening to your feedback we’re able to keep Free Stuff updated with great free stuff and full of only the best freebies, best free samples and best free coupons.

Although we work hard to bring you the best freebies, there lots of other way to find free stuff online. The first thing I recommend if you don’t find the right freebies on our site is to do a Google search for exactly what you’re looking for. Google tries hard to only list quality websites so its a vote of confidence from them if you find a freebie using their search. You can also try adding the word “review” to the end of your search term and a lot of times that will bring you to user reviews of the freebie. Both of these methods are great ways to help verify the quality of freebies you find. Looking for specific grocery coupons? Try typing in the brand name of the product you’re looking for into Google and add the word “coupon” to the end. This is an easy way to find some awesome coupons!

Another way to get free stuff online is to check out other freebie sites. While I believe Free Stuff 101 has the best freebies around, there are some other great free stuff sites we have links to that point you towards good freebies and fun giveaways. The same way we review our freebies to bring you the best free stuff, we also review the other free stuff sites we link to so you’ll know they also provide quality freebies. Because we don’t control these other free stuff sites and they can change quickly, it’s a good idea to do a little extra research and use your own judgement when you’re browsing through them.

Basically, there are many different ways how to get free stuff online. You can browse through the great free stuff right here on Free Stuff since we only list the best freebies, free samples and coupons on our site. Or you can visit Google and follow some of the suggestions above with your search terms. If you’re still search for more freebies you can try some of the other free stuff sites we recommend. There are lots of other ways to find free stuff online we’ll talk about in future articles, but by following these simple tips you’ll be sure to start finging some great freebies, the best free samples and top quality coupons!

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