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I’m an avid reader and I’m always looking for a good book to read. When reading the small print in a book though, I’ve found that my eyes would get tired and sore and I would have to put the book down. Then came the Kindle! I bought one, changed the font size and line spacing, and now I’m back in business! I can read for hours at a time on my Kindle with no problem. The best part is there are lots of free books available for the Kindle, you just need to know the right places to look. I’m currently on book three of a five book series that I downloaded for free from Amazon. This list of the top 100 free Kindle books you can get through is the first place I look when I need a new, free book to read on my Kindle.

To get your free Kindle books, just visit this page on Amazon and look on the right side of the main area. You’ll see a list called “Top 100 Free”. This is the list of the top downloaded free eBooks for the the Kindle. Browse though them, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to read!

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