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Website performance is an important factor for webmasters to monitor. The free website speed test from loads.in makes it easy for you to check the performance of your site. Just enter your website URL into the text box on loads.in and click “Go”. This free service will then pick a random location around the world and test your page load time from there. Once the test is complete it will tell you how long your site took to load, plus five screenshots of how your page looked at various times during the loading process.

A useful, and unique, feature of loads.in is the ability to select what country you want the speed test run from. After you run the initial speed test you’ll have the ability to choose the continent and city you want the next load test to be run from. You can also choose which browser you want the test run in. This is a great way to make sure your visitors from around the world have an acceptable load time when they visit your site.

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