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Do you love coupons? If you do, its time to join the masses of people who have been saving money with free coupons from Coupon Caboodle. Coupon Caboodle gives you instant access to huge money saving coupons, and it’s totally free to use. Getting free grocery and restaurant coupons has never been so easy.

Coupon Caboodle has brands you already know and love: Coke, Tide, Taco Bell, KFC, Huggies, Charmin and more. Don’t wait to save, visit Coupon Caboodle now. Once you’re on their website just fill out a short form to register. You’ll be given the chance to participate in some special offers once you sign up, and you can either sign up or simply click the “pass” button if you’re not interested. Also, be aware this site does have a pop-up window, which you can either close or block if it bothers you. Once you’re done you’ll then receive access to all their money saving coupons.

Coupon Caboodle Update (5/12/11):

Since our initial review of Coupon Caboodle the offer has changed and we want our visitors to know. A lot of users have even been asking us if Coupon Caboodle is legit. The short answer is yes since they do provide you with free coupons from other third party sites. However, there are also some sneaky things they do on the site we don’t agree with. After going over their offers several times VERY carefully (yes, we even read all the fine print for you!) we have decided NOT to link to Coupon Caboodle anymore (instead, we recommend you try the Coupon Alert Toolbar or Clip-n-Go Coupons, which both have much better free, printable coupons). The main reason is they ask multiple times for your cell phone number to sign you up for their sponsored offers before they give you any coupons. It is possible to skip these sponsored offers, but they don’t make it easy. We are also against the way they use pop up ads on their site to get you to sign up for sponsored deals. Again, you can close these pop ups but its not an easy process. In short, we can’t recommend Coupon Caboodle to our users with the way they currently have their site setup. Don’t worry, we’re here to fill your coupon craving with some great alternative free coupon sites…

Recommended Coupon Sites

  • Coupon Alert Toolbar
    A popular, new favorite of bargain hunters. The Coupon Alert Toolbar is a free toolbar for your web browser that will instantly alert you to great money saving coupons. It’s totally free and no registration is required! They recently partnered up for some daily deals to bring you even more free coupons.
  • Coolsavings
    One of the largest, most trusted sources for free coupons online! Coolsavings has been around for years and provides you with TONS of free printable coupons to save you some serious money.
  • Clip-n-Go Coupons
    They provide free printable coupons for valuable coupons for top brands AND give you a chance to win free gas. It’s a win-win situation that is sure to save you money.
    This is one of the most popular free coupon sites online, and it also happens to be my personal favorite coupon site. With, you’ll have access to hundreds of ways to save money with free printable coupons, coupons codes, grocery coupons, local coupons, and more. They make it easy to print free coupons for hundreds of the name brand products you love and already buy. Best of all, is totally free (and easy) for you to use! If you want free coupons, make sure you visit!

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