Amazon Cloud Drive - Free, Secure Cloud Storage for Music and Other Files

The new Amazon Cloud Drive is a free cloud storage service offered by You’ll get 5 GB of free online storage for your music (MP3 files) as well as any other files on your computer. Once your files are on your free Amazon Cloud Drive you’ll be able to access them from any device with internet access (such as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone). With Amazon Cloud Drive, you’ll never have to worry about losing your files again.

To sign up from your free Cloud Drive, just visit this page and click the “Get Started” button. You’ll automatically receive 5 GB of storage space free when you join, plus you’ll also be able to store any digital content (songs, albums, ebooks, etc) you buy from in the future on your cloud drive for free (they won’t take up any of your storage space). Best of all, you’ll be able to listen all the songs on your Amazon Cloud Drive anytime, using any device, with their Amazon Cloud Player. This includes the ability to play songs from your current music collection that you add for free to your Cloud Drive, as well as any songs you download from Amazon in the future.

Amazon Cloud Drive is a great new service, and it’s definitely worth trying out while they are still offering free accounts with 5 GB of free storage space. Get your free Cloud Drive today!

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