Free Baby Stuff Guide

Baby FreebiesSo, you want some free stuff for your baby? You’re in luck! With the popularity of baby freebies, I decided to create this easy guide to free baby stuff. On this page I’ll show you exactly where to find the best baby free samples and other baby freebies (such as coupons, information for parents, etc). Enjoy!

What Is Free Baby Stuff?

Our definition of free baby stuff is any type of freebie for babies, parents, or parents to be. This includes items such as free diapers, free formula, and coupons to save on these kind of things. It also includes useful information for parents such as magazines and forums, as well as free services for parents to do things like create a baby website or choose a baby name. There are always lots of these types of offers available, and in this guide I’ll show you were to get them.

The Best Baby Freebies

Below is a roundup of the best baby free stuff currently available. We’ll keep this list updated when new offers become available, but we’ll limit it to only include the highest quality baby freebies we find. Without further ado, here is our list of the top baby freebies:

  • Latest Free Baby Stuff – Every time we add a new free stuff offer for babies or parents we post it to the Baby Free Stuff category here at Free Stuff 101. The newest offers are at the top, and this is the most up-to-date source for baby free stuff.
  • Babies Online – The oldest, most popular source for baby free stuff. This site includes free samples for babies, coupons for baby items, and lots of trusted information and resources for parents. They also have a great community of parents and expecting parents who share stories and advice on the message board. Membership for this Babies Online is totally FREE.
  • Amazon Mom – Amazon Mom is a free membership program from with loads of benefits for parents or anyone else who takes care of children. As a member of Amazon Mom, you’ll get free access to Amazon Prime (which gives you free 2-day shipping), discounts on baby products (such as 20% of diapers and baby formula), free 365-Day Returns on select products from the Amazon Baby Store, and lots of other special deals specifically for baby stuff. This is a VERY popular program so it fills up quick every time it opens. Sign up while you can, and be sure to join the waitlist if you find the program temporarily closed (they’ll let you know as soon as it opens again if you’re on the wait list).

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Baby Stuff?

Baby Free Stuff in BagI’m often asked why do companies give away so many baby freebies? The answer is simple, and the truth is its a win-win situation for both the parents and the company. Parents want to try new products to find out which ones work best for their baby. Companies want new parents to try their products so they’ll buy more in the future. By giving away free baby samples, the parents get to try something at no cost and the company gets another potential customer to try their product.

The mutual benefit of giving away baby free stuff means there will always be new offers and plenty of free samples for your to try!

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