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Welcome to the Free Stuff and Savings Blog! This blog contains articles and lessons to teach you all about free stuff and how to save money. We’ll cover topics around finding the best freebies online, and how to save money (such as printing coupons).


Free Disney Reusable Tote Bag

To celebrate Earth Day (Friday, April 22nd), Disney is giving away free, reusable shopping bags. To get your free Disney tote bag, just bring 5 old plastic bags to recycle into any Disney store on Friday, April 22nd. As a reward for recycling your plastic bags, Disney will give you a free, reusable shopping bags. Help the environment and get a free bag, sounds like a win-win situation! This offer is only valid on Earth Day, which is April 22nd 2011. It's limited to one free shopping bag per person while supplies last. If you want to confirm any details, just call your nearest Disney store and ask. For our Canadian friends interest in this offer, this same exact deal [...]

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Building Cut Into Puzzle Pieces

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Stuff?

In our last article we answered the question, "What exactly is 'free stuff'"?. Now that we've explained what free stuff is, it's time to tackle another common question: "Why do companies give away free stuff"? Companies give away free stuff for many different reasons. In many cases its part of their marketing strategy and a way to find new customers. For example, let's look at why a company would give away free product samples, which is one of the most popular type of free offer around. If a company releases a new type of gum they need to find people who chew gum to buy their product. The traditional way of selling this new product is to spend money advertising [...]

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Yes Free As In Free Written On a Box

What Exactly Is “Free Stuff”?

A lot of people ask me, "what exactly is 'free stuff'?". "Free stuff" is simply a term used to describe anything that you can get for, well..., free. You'll also hear people refer to free stuff offers as the term "freebie". There are lots of different types of freebies ranging from free product samples, coupons, and sweepstakes, to software, games, music and magazines. Here at Free Stuff we sort all the free stuff offers on out site into a variety of free stuff categories so you can focus your hunt on only the type of freebies you're interested in. In addition to categories of free stuff, the free offers you'll come across can also be looked at from what [...]

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