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Welcome to the Free Stuff and Savings Blog! This blog contains articles and lessons to teach you all about free stuff and how to save money. We’ll cover topics around finding the best freebies online, and how to save money (such as printing coupons).

Rebates Sign

The Skinny On Rebates

Have you ever wondered why rebates are offered on items rather than just lowering their actual price? Well, there are several reasons. And do you ever wonder whether or not it's worth the hassle dealing with a rebate? Just as coupon clipping and printing coupons can save you a lot of money, so can rebates. In this article I'll explain to you why rebates are so popular with retailers, and I'll show you how you how you can save money by making it easy to redeem rebates. Types of Rebates To begin, let's discuss the different types of rebates available. Rebates come in many forms, and before we begin talking about how to best use them, you'll want to know [...]

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Free Software Deals on Black Friday 2011

For the past few weeks I've been getting a popup on my computer letting me know that my Norton Security software is about to expire. If you're like me, you won't even consider paying full price for the software. Thankfully, Black Friday 2011 is almost here! I've been checking around for the best free software deals and would like to share a few free offers with you. Staples While most of these deals appear to only be available at the store on Friday and Saturday, it may be worth your time to get there early to scoop up some of these great offers. These Black Friday software deals at Staples are only available from 6AM to noon: Norton Anti Virus [...]

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Tip-Top Shape for Free

How To Be In Tip-Top Shape Without Spending Money!

Did you know that 74.6% of Americans are either overweight or obese? Even children today are suffering from weight issues, with 25% of them being obese. The medical cost of obesity and the indirect economic loss due to it was $117 billion - 10 years ago. There are no similar estimates today but you can be sure it's much higher. On an individual level, there is plenty of evidence that keeping yourself in a healthy weight range can benefit the quality of your life. Not only are obese individuals less productive, they also report lower levels of energy and self-esteem. Statistically, they are more likely to suffer from heart issues and fall victim to various diseases non-obese people just don't [...]

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Discount Shopping Half Off

Keys to Effective Discount Shopping

Who doesn't like to save money when shopping? For bargain-hunters, sales ads, price matches and coupons are the three foundation corners of economical shopping. With careful review, planning and organization, you, too, can drop hundreds from your grocery bill, clothing and even electronics purchases by focusing on the exact wording of store policies and the discount notices. Price Matches or Low-Price Guarantees Many cashiers do not like to put forth the effort in honoring price guarantees. Unfortunately, many will find any excuse to disallow them. The exact wording in the competitor's ad or on the coupon is key: Watch for words like “exact item,” “similar item,” “any variety,” “limit” and certainly store numbers and expiration dates. Alas, many store chains [...]

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Box of Clipped Coupons

22-year-old College Student Saves $300 a Month by Extreme Couponing

Today I came across a truly inspirational story about extreme couponing. Lauren Liggett, a 22-year-old college student, was a coupon newbie until she started watching the TLC reality show "Extreme Couponing". The show inspired her to start clipping coupons and searching online sites for printable coupons. On her first extreme couponing trip to the store, she managed to slash her bill from $263 down to $50 once she used all her coupons. Now, Lauren is regularly using coupons to cut her family's grocery bill by $300 a month (from $400 to $100)!! If you're into clipping coupons this article is definitely worth a read. Read the full article on how this 22-year-old saves $300 a month by extreme couponing: The [...]

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Wedding Rings and Flowers

4 Tips on How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Your wedding doesn't have to leave you in debt. Dream weddings can quickly turn into nightmares if you allow costs to spiral out of control. And starting married life with the burden of huge wedding bills can strain the best of relationships. From the invitations to the honeymoon and everything in between there are plenty of ways to save money on your big day. The recent economic turmoil has left most brides-to-be unwilling to throw money away on a flashy, over-the-top extravaganza and yet they still want their weddings to be a beautiful, memorable affair. Below are some easy tips on how to save money for your wedding. Plan your wedding well in advance. The best place to start is [...]

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Check Boxes: Avoid Spam When Finding Free Stuff

There are lots of great benefits to getting free stuff online. However, there are also some things to be aware of when you sign up for freebies. One of these things to keep in mind is that when you fill out the form to get your free product sample or coupon, you could also be signing up to receive promotional emails from that company. In this article I'm going to show you a simple way to avoid most of these unwanted emails. It's easy to do, and just doing this one small thing will prevent 99% of the unwanted emails free stuff finders can sometimes get. Since this freebie tip is so simple I won't keep you in suspense. The [...]

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No Money Empty Pockets

Savings Story – How Jimmy Collins Eliminated $10,000 in Debt

While I was browsing through some news stories today, I came across this great article from a guy named Jimmy Collins who manged to get out of debt by following a few simple rules he decided on. By making the changes he describes in the article, Jimmy was able to fully pay off his debt of $10,000 in a year. The basic savings steps he followed was to figure out what he really needed, cut expenses in areas he could afford to, pay cash whenever possible, and make a decision to NOT buy the latest and greatest new products. It's pretty basic advice, but reading about his real world results after following these debt elimination tips is very inspirational. Anyone [...]

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Free Reusable Tote Bag from Rubios

To celebrate World Oceans Day, which is June 8th, Rubios is giving away free, reusable tote bags. To get your free tote bag just print out this coupon and bring it in to any Rubios location on June 8th. Or, instead of printing the coupon, just go into any Rubios and show them the coupon on your mobile phone. This offer is only valid on Wednesday, June 8th. There is a limit of 1 free tote bag per person. Other than those two basic things in the fine print, this is a very straightforward freebie. [...]

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How to Get Free Stuff and the Best Freebies Online

Now that we've looked at what free stuff really is and why companies give away free stuff, its time to get to the fun part: learning how to get free stuff and the best freebies online! There are lots of different ways to get great free stuff and the best freebies online. You just need to know where to look. My (slightly biased) opinion is that Free Stuff is the best place to start your search for great free stuff, the best freebies, the best free samples and awesome coupons. The main reason is we do a lot of the hard work for you. There are literally hundreds of freebies we review each week, and through our review process [...]

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