Free Software

This page contains links to free and open source software.


Teach Me Today Software Training - Free 10 Day Trial

Teach Me Today is a premium service for online software training. They provide their users with high quality, professional video lessons on how to use some of the most popular software around. They are currently offering a free 10 day trial of their service where you’ll get unlimited access to all their training videos! Learn […]

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Dropbox Free Online Backup and File Sharing - Free Account

Dropbox is free software that syncs your files online and across your computers. Put your files into your Dropbox on one computer, and they’ll be instantly available on any of your other computers that you’ve installed Dropbox on (Windows, Mac, and Linux too!) Because a copy of your files are stored on Dropbox’s secure servers, […]

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Amazon Cloud Drive - Free, Secure Cloud Storage for Music and Other Files

The new Amazon Cloud Drive is a free cloud storage service offered by You’ll get 5 GB of free online storage for your music (MP3 files) as well as any other files on your computer. Once your files are on your free Amazon Cloud Drive you’ll be able to access them from any device with internet access (such as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone). With Amazon Cloud Drive, you’ll never have to worry about losing your files again.

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Open Source - Free Windows Software

Open Source is a list of free, open-source software for Windows (XP, Vista and 7). Their goal is to showcase the best, most important, and easiest to use Windows software around. This page is a handy reference and a useful tool for getting more people to start using free and open source software.

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Open Source - Free Mac Software

Open Source is a list of free, open-source software for Mac OS X. This site includes the best, and easiest to use, Mac software around. It’s a handy reference and a useful tool for anyone who owns a Mac and wants to start using open source software.

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TrueCrypt - Free Open Source Disk Encryption Software

TrueCrypt is free, open source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux. In case an attacker forces you to reveal the password, TrueCrypt provides plausible deniability. In contrast to file encryption, data encryption performed by TrueCrypt is real-time (on-the-fly), automatic, transparent, and does not involve temporary unencrypted files.

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Digital DJ Pro Software - Free DJ Software Download

Digital DJ Pro is one of the best, free DJ mixing programs I’ve found. It reads popular sound formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Wave. What makes this software stand out from the rest is that it was designed by DJ’s, for DJ’s. That, plus its 100% free! Download the free, DJ software from Digital DJ Pro today.

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Skype - Free Calling & Video Calling

Skype offers you free internet calling and cheap phone calling for long distance and international calls. They also offer free video calling and instant messanging. Skype is avaialble on Windows, Mac, Linux, and most mobile devices.

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Tor Project - Anonymity Online

Tor is free, open source software for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and Android that helps protect your anonymity online. In other words, it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including […]

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