22-year-old College Student Saves $300 a Month by Extreme Couponing

Box of Clipped Coupons

Today I came across a truly inspirational story about extreme couponing. Lauren Liggett, a 22-year-old college student, was a coupon newbie until she started watching the TLC reality show “Extreme Couponing“. The show inspired her to start clipping coupons and searching online sites for printable coupons. On her first extreme couponing trip to the store, she managed to slash her bill from $263 down to $50 once she used all her coupons. Now, Lauren is regularly using coupons to cut her family’s grocery bill by $300 a month (from $400 to $100)!! If you’re into clipping coupons this article is definitely worth a read.

Read the full article on how this 22-year-old saves $300 a month by extreme couponing: The Extreme Couponing Story of Lauren Liggett

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